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● 具視覺、觸覺及功能性的製程

● 可結合印刷、紋理結構、金屬化、3D
● 又被稱為乾式塗裝製程且具環保議題。



● OMR撕膜:轉印成品可倒包且表面有

● OMF覆膜 :轉印成品可倒包而包覆深


  OMD Decoration Technology

  ● Can be a visual, tactile and functional

  ● Can be combined with printing, texture
       structure, metallization, 3D covered .
  ● Also called Dry Coating Process and
       environmental issues.


  OMD is divided into OMR and OMF film :

  ● OMR film: Can be coated with chamfering
       and the surface has a touch effect.

  ● OMF film: Can be coated with chamfering
       and the bottom of ;the product , cover the
       deep height and the surface also has a
       touch effect.





● 曲面貼合方式:
     3.硬基材對硬基材: 一般使用CEF貼合難度最大。


● 貼合的重要角色-OCA光學膠:


Curved Laminating technology

  ● 3D Curve Laminating Type:
       1.Lamination of Soft Material to Soft
          Material:Roll to Roll and Roll to Sheet.
       2.Lamination of Soft Material to Hard
          Material:Single piece Lamination.
       3.Lamination of Hard Material to Hard
          Material:Normally use CEF is the most
          difficult lamination.


  ● OCA optical plastic Introduction:
       1.One of important raw material and also is
          the best adhesive of touch panel.
       2.OCA tape is a double-side adhesive tape.
          Made by acrylic and at the up and down
          of the bottom each laminating one layer
          of release film.


Three Dimension OverlayVHT薄膜轉印機
Handheld & Vehicle-mounted Device of Curve Laminating Machine車載式曲面貼合機